Cho Yoombhum’s Power Classic The series of lecture-concerts that Quartet X has presented since 2007 has been broadcasted on TV. Accompanied by Cho Yooubhum’s lecture presentation, the program offers music and background history on a different classical composer in each of the 24 episodes. The producer, Woo Hagyoon, and staff cooperated with Quartet X to produce this educational TV program, which is not only informational, but also highly intriguing. Cho Yoonbhum’s Power Classic earned a Silver Award at the Cable TV Broadcast Awards and became the most popular TV show about classical music. It has been continuously introduced on public TV stations such as KBS, MBC, EBS, and more. 

Victory of Music Saint

Beethoven, Ludwig van

1. Piano Quartet No.1 1st mov.
2. String Quartet Op.18-1 [The Cat*] 4th mov.
3. String Quartet Op.59-1 [Razumovsky No.3] 2nd mov. "Telegram*"
4. Piano Sonata No.23 [Appassionata]
5. String Quartet Op.59-3 [Razumovsky No.3] 4th mov.
6. String Quartet No.15 Op.132 3th mov. "Holy Song of Thanks"

Timeless Prodigy

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

1. String Quartet No.6 K.159 3rd mov."Bee*"
2. Violin Sonata K.304 I2nd mov.
3. Piano Sonata No.11 3rd mov. "Turkish March"
4. [Eine kliene Nachtmusik] 1st mov.
5. String Quartet K.465 [Dissonance] 4th mov.
6. String Quartet K.590 2nd mov. "Sleeping Stars*"

Father of Symphonies

Haydn, Joseph

1. String Quartet Op.1-1 3rd mov. "Ave Maria*"
2. Piano Trio Op.39 3rd mov. "In the Gipsies Style"
3. String Quartet Op.76-3 [Emperor] 2nd mov.
4. Piano Sonata No.62 Op.92 3rd mov.
5. String Quartet Op.76-5 2nd mov. "Largo"
6. String Quartet Op.76-5 4th mov. "Station*"

Dreams of the Vagabond

Schubert, Franz

1. String Quartet D.87 3rd mov. "The Hare and the Tortoise*"
2. Impromptu D.899 No.2
3. Piano Trio No.2 2nd mov.
4. String Quartet No.12 [Quartetsatz]
5. String Quartet No.14 [Death and the Maiden] 2nd mov.

Multi-Talented Traverler

Mendelssohn-Bartholdi, Felix

1. String Quartet No.1 2nd mov. "Canzonetta"
2. Piano Trio No.1 3rd mov.
3. [Songs without Words] (extract)
4. String Quartet No.5 2nd mov. "Caval*"
5. String Quartet No.6 [The Death of Fanny*] 3rd mov.
6. Capriccio for String Quartet Op.81-3

Father of the Music

Bach, Johann Sebastian

1. Badinerie, Air on G from [4 Orchestral Suites]
2. Toccata & Fugue in D minor
3. Das wohltemperierte Klavier (Extract)
4. Goldberg Variation (Extract)
5. Chaconne for String Quartet (Arranged by Quartet X)

Composer and Publisher

Schumann, Robert

1. String Quartet No.1 2nd mov. "Toy Soldier*"
2. "Träumerei" from [Kinderszenen]
3. String Quartet No.3 4th mov.
4. Piano Quartet Op.47 3rd mov.
5. Piano Quintet Op.44 2nd mov.

"Frei Aber Einsam"

Brahms, Johannes

1. Hungarian Dance No.1, No.5
2. String Quartet No.2 F.A.E. 1st mov.
3. Piano Quartet No.1 4th mov.
4. Piano Quartet No.2 2nd mov.
5. Piano Quintet 3rd mov.

Heart of the Nationalism

Dvořák, Antonín

1. Piano Quintet Op.81 2nd, 3rd mov.
2. String Quartet No.8 Op.80 2nd mov.
3. String Quartet No.12 [American] 1st mov.
4. Humoresque No.7
5. String Quartet No.13 Op.106 3rd mov.

Three Most Popular Ballets

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich

1. String Quartet No.1 2nd mov. "Andante Cantabile"
2. String Quartet No.2 [Konstantin*] 4th mov.
3. String Quartet No.3 [Tears in Paris*] 3rd mov.
4. [The Seasons] for Piano (Extract)
5. Piano Trio [In Memory of a Great Artist] 2nd mov.